Araucana and Silkie Chickies

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by MountainMamaHST, Mar 8, 2013.

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    Our first batch of babies are here!!! They are araucanas and I took my time grabbing colors I THOUGHT would morph into something pretty. But I really am clueless on this. I'd like to have a real solid idea when I got to Chicken Palooza to get my silkies at the end of the month.
    Anyone have advice or pictures of what turns into what?
    Our 'canas are greyish blue with a light light yellow underbelly, black with some reddish tips at beak and wings, and then I have a light colored one with kind of leopard spots on the head and back. I would post a pic but my phone is being stubborn and won't load to the computer. I'll figure that out and try to get one up.

    I'm just really looking forward to some pretty colored silkies and need some guidance on what equals what! Thanks :)
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    Check out the Silkie thread in the Breeds, Genetics and Showing section. There are literally TONS of pictures in that thread. It'll make you drool, seriously! I would post pics of mine, but I don't have any pictures of my Silkies when they were babies. Here's a general color run down though:
    Chipmunk patterned babies= Partridge adults
    Black babies= either black or dark blue adults
    Whitish/yellowish babies= white adults (usually- see next description)
    White/white with a blue cast= usually splash adults (whites and splash can look VERY similar)
    Whitish/purplish babies= usually self blue (lavender) adults (they sometimes have light chipmunk markings)
    Creamy with faint chipmunk markings= usually Porcelain (self blue cream) adults (self blue mixed with lavender).
    Yellow/gold babies= buff adults

    That's a general run down, and then you get into splits, mixed colors and project colors like Porcelain (the hen in my avatar is a Porcelain). Its really much easier to read thru the Silkie thread and see pictures than to try to visualize all that in your head though. Because, obviously, chicks in each color will vary in shade and patterns. Good luck with your new chicks!
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    Nov 17, 2012
    West Virginia
    Thank you! Very very helpful :)

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