Araucana Cockerel (real) - VT - Photo

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    Sep 5, 2008
    Yes, this is a real araucana, his name is Alabaster. He will be a year old in mid May. He is fully rumpless and bilaterally tufted though his tufts are small. The feathers are a bit shredded in this photo. He argues with another cockerel often and that is why he has some red around his head. The cable ties were an attempt to slow the boys down, they all have them.

    I am not going to use him for breeding as I have a lot of cockerels to choose from and I am going with darker colors. His sister lays a blue egg, on the torquoise side. Alabaster is handled frequently and lives with 6 other cockerels. He has nice saddle feathering.

    Pick up prefered, if you want shipping send an approved box and costs to cover.

    Alabaster's price is $45.00


    For those who are going to ask, I DO NOT have pullets or hens available right now but will beginning in late summer. They will be darker colors.

    Alabaster tested negative for Pullorium and AI in late December 2008.


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