Araucana cockerel

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    One double tufted rumpless Araucana cockerel. He is approx 5 months. He is double tufted but his tufts are asymmetrical. He has a very long back so that is good for breeding, but he does have what appears to be a couple stray tail feathers growing in at this point. He is incredibly friendly. Doesn't appear to have an aggressive bone in his body.

    He has been free ranged since very young. Was raised by mom hen on our 6 acres so he has excellent foraging capabilities. He will run right up to you for treats and will even eat from your hand. He has quite a great personality as well. I honestly would love to keep him just as a companion (since he doesn't quite fit in my breeding program) but I just don't have them room. :( He hardly ever crows but he is still young and that may change. Although his sire almost never crows either so you never know.

    Local pick up only! I am in Humboldt County CA. May consider delivery to close areas (northern Mendocino, northern Humboldt). Would definitely meet somewhere if you're willing to drive halfway. Respond here or PM me. We can work it out.
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    To bad you don't ship, love these guys

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