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9 Years
Sep 24, 2010
I got this little girl as a chick at a feed store out of a bin labeled "Easter Eggers"...very helpful. I was thinking she was just a mutt until yesterday when we took in two Araucanas who were in need of a home and there is another one just like her. I started searching the internet and I found "images" of the same colored chicken, but no labels as to what they are. For some reason I can't get the photo to upload but she and this new one are a golden tan color and have powdery gray tail feathers and a gray ring around the neck. I can try the photo again if needed, but was wondering if anyone had any ideas.

Here we go, this isn't a great photo but I got it to work.
Well, I'm not an expert as I only have EEs but there is a very specific list of colors that Ameraucanas can be. (Araucana is a different blue egg layer that is rumpless and has tufts instead of a muff.) If you go to the Ameraucana standards it will list the accepted colors. It's a pretty short list if I remember correctly. There are lots of breeders on here that would know by looking at her I'm sure, but you might want to change the title of your topic to Ameraucana Color in stead of Araucana. Even if ends up being an EE, she's very pretty!
She is an Easter Egger, which is a mix breed Chicken normally bred with Ameraucanas or rarely an Araucana, that is ment to lay a blue, green, blueish green, pink, brown, white ect. ect. egg, most often a greenish color.

Both Ameraucanas & Araucana are rare breed so much so that no hatchery has them yet & in the case of Araucana most likely never will due to how hard they are to breed they have a fatal gene, leading to a whole lot of dead in shell chicks.

Easter Eggers can look like Ameraucanas, but if you bought her from a feed store not from a breeder which tends to come with a high price tag & she was labeled Easter Egger then that's what you'v got.

As far as color gose EE's do not breed true so her color may look to be a standard color (which she doesn't match a standard color) but her offspring will most likely be a mix of colors.

This is a picture of a blue wheaten female taken from the breed clubs website :

I am going to quote my self from another post...

She is very cute, I do like her color too...


& enjoy your girls

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