Araucana egg color??

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    We've been jonesing for a colored egg laying bird for some time now. A few weeks ago we found an araucana breeder that was getting out of chickens and bought a little pullet. She isn't tufted (though many of her flock mates were), but is rumpless and has a pea comb. She has yet to lay, I never see her in the box, and her comb and wattles aren't super bright red yet. We also have 2 RIRxBO that have been laying for 6 weeks now. They always laid medium to large brown eggs. This morning I got home from work and my DH had an egg to show me from the coop. It was quite small, and very very very light tan in color, almost white. The inside was filled almost completely up with a yolk (which was the same size as the BOxRIR yolks). The inside shell color was white. Is it possible that it was a wind egg from one of the BOxRIR that came out so fast that it didn't have time to get the brown pigment fully on? Is it even possible that it was from the "Araucana"? I understand if she had some genetic contamination that she might have some greenish hue to her egg, but shouldn't the shell of her egg still be blue since blue is dominant? I'll be so disappointing if my new girl turns out to be a cream egg layer...
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    On the day you got that egg, did you get as many eggs as you usually get? Or was this and extra? I would think she would lay blue eggs since that's what she is. I wouldn't be too concerned about the lack of tuft, from what I understand, only about 50% will receive the tuft gene.

    Really hope you get your blue eggs!!!
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    It's not from your Araucana. If she's not red in the face, she's not old enough to be laying. Plus, the blue egg gene is closely tied with the pea comb - so that makes it even less likely. Even if her egg was a little green, the shell would be blue with a brown overlay. (spray paint) But Araucana eggs are supposed to be blue, not green.

    It's a fart egg from one of your other brown laying birds.

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