Araucana or Easter Egger?

What type of chicken is she?

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May 24, 2015
Hello! We have a three week old chick who we were told was a purebred Araucana. Now, looking at different pictures of Araucana and other breeds of chicks like Ameraucana and Easter Egger, we're starting to wonder if this is the case.

This is our chick at 1.5 weeks:

Here she is at 2 weeks:

And at 3 weeks:

(In the above picture, you can see that she has a bit of a beard starting below her eyes and going around her chin.)

(The above picture shows that she has a bit of a tail and that her legs have a slightly green tint.)

She is good at flying; she often jumps up onto the edge of her brooder! We've seen pictures that look very similar to her that are supposed to be of Easter Eggers and of Araucanas so we're really not sure.

Thanks so much!

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