Araucana or EE?

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  1. i bought 3 pullets at an Amish sale the other day that were marked Araucana (2 months old). i feel incline to trust the Amish, but i know this is a contentious/confusing issue so i want some opinions. 2 of the pullets have single feathers where a tail would be and one appears to be rumpless. none of them have tufts, but maybe those come in later?

    rumpless on left, others on right

    rumpless one

    so, what do you think? Araucana or EE?
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  2. pips&peeps

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    They are easter eggers. The one isn't tail-less it has just been pecked at.
  3. ranchhand

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    I am thinking EE x Araucana mixes perhaps, which means you you still have some lovely EE's. I adore EE's, they are very steady and reliable layers, and generally sweet natured. Not to mention interesting and varied genetics. The feathering is gorgeous.

    Uhm, no offense, but buying anything based upon someone's religious beliefs is no longer a trustworthy guideline. Last 3 Amish country hams I got were not good, certainly not up the the old standards. [​IMG]
  4. darnit! i really really want some blue eggs! i have EEs already and i love them, but i was hoping to round out my egg colors... even as EEs they will be appreciated, but i was really hoping they were true Araucanas. [​IMG]

    eta: i did notice a bit ago when i was outside with them that it looked like they were going to get some tail feathers... but i also noticed what looked like tufts beginning to form.

    i know that eggs are either white or blue based and that the brown is an extra layer of color. so, if they were EE x Araucana, then there would be a chance at getting blue eggs still, right? if my genetics are right, i should be able to expect 1/2 green and 1/2 blue layers from an EE x Aruacana cross, so long as the EE has only one copy of the gene for brown eggs... right? if the EE has 2 copies of the gene for brown eggs, then all of them should lay green, i think.
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    Blue eggs are tied in with the comb. If they have a pea comb you will get blue based eggs.

    My araucanas lay blue and blue/green eggs. My EE's lay beautiful blue eggs. Only 1 EE lays a pink egg and she has a straight comb.
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    EE's can lay blue eggs.I have 2- one lays blue eggs, one lays green eggs.
  7. bturbo87

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    ive also seen on here that the ones with the slate colored legs carry the blue egg gene
  8. Quote:Love your avatar...I have an EE that has goldish head and has developed a gray beard. This one is shy...does not want to be held like one of the white EE's...she will let me turn her upside down and snuggles in and goes to sleep.'
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    I think you still have a pretty good chance of having blue eggs. It's pretty difficult to predict egg color with any reliability once there is any mix involved. We have two laying EE's and one lays what I consider sea-foam green (but someone at work informed me it was blue) and the other lays green with a very slight olive tint. The two birds are different as night and day, except they have pea combs, and slate legs. I have been told that the comb really doesn't relate to egg color.
    We have three more EE's and I hope I get a true blue, a green and a pink out of them. We shall see, as one of them is starting to get some tail feathers that are slightly sickle-ish. [​IMG]

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