Araucana rumpless males for sale W/Health Cert, P/U or ship, NJ


11 Years
Oct 13, 2008
Northern NJ
I have too many males. Let me know if you are looking for a particular color as I have many other males to sell. My birds are health tested every three weeks for AI, etc and come with a Poultry Inspection Certificate.

This guy DOB 3/12/08.
He is very pretty blue underbody and orange on top. He is rumpless clean faced. His comb is a little floppy. One of his brother is exactly the same color but fully tailed clean faced. They are both beautiful birds. His other brother is white clean faced rumpless with one or two tail sprouts.

Pick up or shipping is available. Make sure your state doesn't require any special permits like HI does so the birds make it there. If you are going to the Sussex County Poultry Show on Saturday October 25th I can bring the bird you want but ONLY if you really want one, I am showing 11 birds and my car will be pretty full.

I also have extra Phoenix males to sell and there are always some beautiful mixes too
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