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  1. RandyAruba

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    Jan 31, 2014
    Hi There

    My name is Randy I would like to Order some true Araucana chicks from the US but it seems that the most hatcheries would not ship Internationaly y was wondering if u guys could help me have some birds shipped to Aruba i have some Ameraucanas here but I want the real true bloods ( araucana ) i'm looking for kind of 75 to 100 chicks to buy I Have lots of friends that are interested to buy some chicks thats why i want to buy around 70 to 100 birds of True Araucana not ameraucana or easter eggers those r cross breeds, I hope I could have some help to find an international shipper of these Kind of birds

    we would like to order around 100 to 150 Barred plymouth rock too, pls help me and my friends find some good hatcheries USDA Approved so we could order.

    thanks a lot in advance

    hope to here from some of you guys
  2. goldfinches

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    May 6, 2011
    In America, Ameraucana are purebred, not cross breeds. Only Easter Eggers are. You really can't find quality Ameraucanas through a hatchery. One hatchery offers them, but I'm not convinced they're great.

    I don't believe any hatcheries offer Araucana. You will probably have to find a breeder for those. Search for a "Breeder", not a "Hatchery".
  3. brinda t

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    May 9, 2013
    Celina Texas
    I've been looking for a year for true arracuanas. I finally found a breeder. But she is giving up her flock due to her health.

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