Araucana vs Easter Eggers and Bantam eggs vs Standard eggs

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by iDrawReallyWell, May 11, 2010.

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    I'm starting a flock and my mom wants to get chickens mostly for their egg capabilities, but she's adamant about getting beautiful Araucana eggs. We can have, at most around 6 birds and that would be pushing it, so I know that I wanna get some ornamental hens as well, such as silkies and bantams.

    My question is, do easter eggers always produce easter eggs, or in comparison to a true araucana is it more possible I could have a brown egg? I mean, are they both reliable at producing pastel eggs?

    Also, are bantams any good at egg production? I assume the eggs would be smaller, but do they produce less than a standard of the same breed would?

    If they don't I don't see why I couldn't get some pretty bantams for my flock. I think it would be cool to eat little eggs, lol.
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    Jun 15, 2008
    EE can produce anything. Brown is quite common and green eggs are more common the true blue eggs. If you really want blue eggs either get true araucana or ameraucana or else buy from someone who can gurantee you their roo or hens are carrying 2 copies of the blue gene and will only produce blue. I managed to get some bantam EE that lay sky blue eggs every time because the breeder had only kept the ones laying blue for several generations.

    Bantams can lay as many eggs a year as standards but they tend to go broody more often and won't lay during that time. My japanese bantams are probably my best layers if it wasn't for the several times a year they go broody. When they aren't broody they lay every day without fail through winter.

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