Arcadia, FL, October 15, 2011 - 4th Annual Beaks & Bills Swap Meet

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    The Desoto County Beaks and Bills 4H Poultry Club is sponsoring their 4th annual Swap Meet. The Desoto County Rabbit Club will once again join the Swap Meet. We will be providing breeders of show quality animals for 4H and FFA Poultry and Rabbit youth exhibitors from across the state.

    The Swap Meet will also feature:

    * Show Quality Animals of all ages
    * Educational demonstrations with poultry and rabbits
    * Concessions for Breakfast and Lunch
    * Games for all ages

    When: Saturday, October 15, 2011 8am – 1pm

    Where: Desoto County Fairgrounds 100 Heard Street, Arcadia

    Questions? Contact Cindy Kinard at 863-990-2324 or Danielle Pfeil at 863-990-4280 for poultry. Contact Nancy Allen at 863-990-1031 or Jaime Dixon at 863-227-6295 for rabbits.

    If you have some birds to sell you might contact them to see if you can bring them along to sell. REMEMBER, if you plan on selling any birds make sure they are healthy and you bathe & groom them like you were going to show them. This is NOT a place to take poor quality birds these are good quality show birds.

    I had intended to take my kids to this but found out last night that we've got an event here in my own county that same day to support our local fair so now it's not certain. Nevertheless if you know of any kids that are interested in showing birds or rabbits this would be an excellent swap to take them to. There should be some quality animals available.​
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  2. I sure hope I can make this one!! We have some Barred Rocks from Frank Reese's Good Shepherd Ranch that I have been wanting to get to some 4H or FFA kids. ...........stan

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