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    For the past year I have been looking to move back to Florida from New England....Because I spent ALOT of time in the Malabar/Palm Bay area I was looking mostly there, but I hear it has changed quite a bit and doesn't have that same small town feel it once had. I've started branching out my search and came across Arcadia, I remember stopping in Arcadia a few times when we would make the trip to Port Charlotte to visit the grand parents. I remember it being a small town surronded by orange groves and cattle farms.

    Although I know I would need to commute to Sarasota/Bradenton/Port Charlotte for work I'm looking for a place to live that I am afforded privacy and maybe be able to have a good size garden and still be able to keep my chickens.

    I've decided that Arcadia is where I want to be, but was hoping maybe someone from the area could give me some insight.
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Any update? Im searching for info on chickens in Arcadia. Where did you end up?

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