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Sep 10, 2018
Please advise!! First time suburban chicken mom here to 10, 13 week old RIR’s. My girls have an enclosed, covered run that used to be our large porch. There is a coop inside the run that has been redesigned because they were choosing to sleep on the roof. There is now a pallet on top of the coop and there is also a tall metal stand that I hang 2 water holders from. 7 of my girls sleep on the pallet and 3 of them choose to sleep on the water hanger. (I bring food and water in at dusk to avoid pests and also so the water doesn’t get pooped in) The girls love to play on the water hanger during the day but my concern is this; are the three girls that sleep on the hanger doing so because the others are pushing them away or do they choose it? I have not seen any bullying behavior except a few little pecks here and there but nothing serious thank goodness! I want to make sure I step in if these 3 are being alienated and I know if need be once they go to bed I can move them and they will listen I just prefer to let them do as they please as long as no one is getting hurt. Oh, and there is plenty of room for said birds on the pallet. Any advice or ideas is welcome and I thank you in advance!!!


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Sep 11, 2018
Kansas USA
Some chickens just like to sleep in weird spots. You just have to learn their sleeping arrangement and go with it. For example, I have 3 chickens that like to sleep in a bush right in front of our porch, 1 likes to sleep on the said porch, 15 like to sleep in a tree that my dogs sleep under, and all the rest go to the coops. Chickens are weird, but you have to think about it from their minds; your bed is comfier to you than someone else's bed. Maybe that spot is just the most comfortable for them.

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5 Years
Aug 17, 2017
I wouldn’t worry if there’s no fighting. It’s probably by choice. I have some chickens that prefer to roost on top of the “ playhouse “ and I have some that will only roost on some sort of pole even if it’s not their roosting pole. Those don’t like sleeping on flatter surfaces. So you could swap the pallet to roosting poles. Or move the chickens roosting on the water container while their roosting or leave things the way they are if your good with that. I think any of those choices will be fine. But you would see bigger signs if it was bullying or even alienation. ( especially with the reds) IMO I think it’s their choice.

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