Are 6 week old chicks "rowdy"??


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Feb 10, 2011
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I have started setting up my brooder area on my enclosed porch, and i am using a baby yard as main support and cardboard lining the inside of it for drafts and also the gate holes are kinda big. I am using good ol duct tape to keep everything together. Now i am wondering if they will make it to the 6 weeks i had figured in this enclosure since "fort knox" it is not. The "walls" are about 2' high. How long will this keep adolescent chicks contained is my question? I just wonder if they will be moving outside before i am anticipating! Thanks!
Well, partially it depends on the breed. I have some that aren't jumpers and others who start scaling the feeders and sides of the brooder box quite early. After a couple of weeks I lay some chicken wire across the top so they can't jiump out and the heat lamp sits above that. Also, my first batch I only had 6 and by 6 weeks they were begging to get out. As they get bigger there is less space and they'll be begging to get out sooner than they are ready.

What is your porch enclosed by? If it is just screens - I'm wondering if you could have a predator problem. I don't have personal experience with this though, but I would assume if raccoons can get through chicken wire they could tear through a window screen.
It is a truly enclosed porch it has a wall with a window and a storm door so unless a racoon can open a storm door there shouldnt be a problem! I am getting BO's. I guess I will just get the coop ready asap then and figure on running out the heat!
Where are you located? Weaned properly and in a draft free coop, 6 week old chicks generally do not require supplemental heat. The box won't last them long.

I've raised two batches of chicks on our screened porch. They did just fine, though after they were moved to the coop it took many passes with a pressure washer to remove the evidence of them. They get tired of the brooder and start running amok.
I have BO's in my brooder - they are the largest of the bunch, and at 6.5 weeks they are ready to go in the coop (probably were a week ago but I'm still finishing the coop). How many are you getting? I think different factors will make a difference on how soon you can put them out in the coop (location, weather, coop design (drafts).
Do chickens have feathers? Of course six week old chicks are rowdy!
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I had to put Jethro the silkie in chickie jail for harrassing the three chickateers. Now the chicks delight in aggravating Jethro by jumping up and down on her "jail" and screeching at her thru the bars on the door. I swear I saw one of them
Jethro yesterday.
Oh they can get pretty spunky. Right now I have some very spunky 4 week olds that are as tall as my smallest silkies and they are growing super fast. They love to get up on the perch to launch themselves across the brooder hutch.
So yes those 6 week olds won't be happy in a small setup if they are of the spunky nature.
You may end up chasing escape artists on your porch.
Yes this is all what i was fearing! There isnt anything that will hurt them if they get outside the enclosure i will just have extra mess to clean up. I am getting 30 and my space is about 5'x6' so 1 ft sq for each. If i loose a few then it would be more...I just hope they dont start "slam dancing" or "moshing"
Then they would def be going to the coop!

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