Are A-Frame/Arks Okay for a Chicago Winter??

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    Hi All - I've been wanting chickens for over a year now and quite honestly the only thing holding this up is getting them a proper home. Everyone at home is on board and excited. I'm overwhelmed by the choices as well as actually having to build something. I saw this a-frame/ark on craigslist and thought it looked good/sturdy My concern is will it survive a Chicago winter and will the hens survive in this in a Chicago winter.

    Anyone out there have an a-frame in a severe weather location?


    Some background - last year I was all excited to embark on the garden coop. I ordered the plans and once I read them was completely intimidated. The plan was to build last fall and get the chicks this spring - didn't happen. I would sooooo love this coop though.


    Then last night at 2 a.m. - totally OCD right now with this. I found this cool website that has fence runs in which I would get a 4 x 8 - Coops & Runs.html that look quite good and thought about either adding an Eglu Go or actually building the "City Biddy". The bonus of this would be I could get my chicks quickly --- we are talking about 3 chicks.



    Any thoughts, I so appreciate. What I like about the moveable coop fence and the ark would be that we could move around our yard.

    Thank you all!! Have a great Saturday. Sorry for the long ramble.
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    It seems like any of those options would work though I'm not familiar with Chicago's climate (besides it being the windy city).
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    We live about 80 miles south of downtown Chicago. We looked into lots of plans for our coop and ended up with the A-frame style coop that we move around our yard. Our chickens have been fine in the winter (of course this was a warm winter!) I would think that any of the coops you are interested in would work fine. If the weather were to get too cold, you could always use a heating lamp. We actually used a few bales of straw around the base of our coop to block the wind this winter. Seemed to help.
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    The Garden Coop is a great coop and a great plan. If you really want it I would encourage you to see if there's a local handyman, contractor, out of work framer, etc. who could build it for you. Anyone with tools and a little experience can build that coop. Perhaps contact a company that builds sheds and see if anyone there wants a little extra work.
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