are all banties "scaredy birds" or are mine *special*?


11 Years
Mar 10, 2008
central VA
these little things scream and cower in the corner when a FLY gets in the brooder! Are all bantams like this? They are 2 weeks old. my standard chicks would have caught it out of the air, and played keep away with it! Also, when you turn the bathroom light off, they scream. I don't just mean chickie sounds, they SCREAM. I'm pretty sure that the 1 is a leghorn-- it's all white, no boots. I don't know what the other is, it's brown with brown a "chipmunk" stripe, and is feathering out a pretty brown. Also no boots.
They are definitely "chicken" chickens
Mine are also 2 weeks and are crazy!!! When I water, feed, clean up they go peanuts; sqawking and fliting around. But lately they are always in an uproar about something, even in the middle of the night. The other day my 4 grown cochin bantams were carrying on like something was after was a red bird in the bush next to them!? I guess it is just they're nature. They ain't called chickens for nothing:D
when my bantys were babies they were the most "chicken" of the whole bunch - but now at 1 year old my little hen will let anyone pet her and my little roo chases the neighbors pitt bulls when they get close to the fence --

maybe as they get older they will settle down

Mine are 1 week old and NOT banties but act scared when one approaches. I go in quietly talking softley to let them know Im there , I kneel down next to the brooder and they all run around for their life. And taking them out to clean up and change water etc,,,, holy smokes, Ive never seen such a squaky bunch. I hope that settles down. I also hope they remain healthy!
I do see most of the ones Ive got are good tempered and docile. Buffs, RIR, Arcuana/americana, then my friend has some black star and white leghorn in there. I think its just a few that act scaredy, and the rest follow suit. Oh well, Im sure that will change once they are bigger and more mature.
That's funny. We are raising our first chicken, it's going to be a house chicken. I showed it a small piece of greens from my salad and it screamed and tried to jump out of my husbands hands. I was really surprised by its reaction. Silly scaredy cat! LOL

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