are all Polish chickens good hunters?

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  1. My Polish bantams are amazing insect hunters. Is this how all Polish chickens are, or is it a bantam trait? They caught on immediately to catching grasshoppers, especially the roo. I chased 'hoppers into their area, he found them and scarfed them down. My other chicken breeds aren't even close in hunting proficiency.
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    my polish roo is a very good hen hunter...

    and he also likes bugs.
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    Apr 28, 2008
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    My polish hen likes bugs... when she can see them... Most of the time she just looks confused though. [​IMG] I've seen my other chicks hunting more often... Running around in circles like goofballs trying to catch a circling gnat. It's hilarious [​IMG] Especially when a moth is attracted by the brooder light and 10 of them try to get it [​IMG]
  4. Are turkens good hunters (since you both have them)?

    Faverolles try real hard. Delawares get excited. The EE's just run around.

    The girls have picked Mr. Polish Stud's head clean bald, so he has an almost unobstructed view. Maybe he needs the protein to grow his feathers back.

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