are all silkies' skin black?


9 Years
May 25, 2010
I am lookiing to raise some silkie because one of my friends showed me their black skin. I was wondering since there are so many kind of silkie, does all silkie have black skin or just the white silkie (the one my friend has). Where can I get a good deal on Silkie?
I call a good deal, price verses quality. In the spring you can get them at the feed store for $3 to $5 as chicks. Some breeders you can get them for $2 to $20 as chicks. Like anythink else you get a good deal when you know exactly what you are looking for like pet, show or look alike. Health goes a long ways because they are live animals. If you have and use an incubator helps with price. Location is a big plus where you don't have to pay for shipping, and knowing who to buy from. I think you are lucky that you came to a good place to start. There are a lot of breeders here and silkies are great brooders. I started here myself. Lots of people here are willing to help know matter what breed, so I would look at lots of pictures of the breed in question. Know what "type" you are looking for and what price that would be, so you won't be over priced. Learn all you can about the breed before you buy so you and the animal will be happy. The search botton on the top right is your best friend. If we know what state you live in could help. When your ready look at the sale page or post on the wanted page. What state do you live in?
Happy hunting.

If you find silkies are for you join one of the clubs and go to a show, if you like. Now if you happen to be in middle TN. what color do you want?
Buy - Sell - Auction then Want to buy. You are very close to Ark. may be try there, or if you come to Nashville anytime soon I have some whites for $10 to $20 that will look nice. To dark for pictures today but here are pictures of my roosters and hens.

I love the whites the best.

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