Are Anacona ducks as loud and smelly as chickens?


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Apr 11, 2011
I live in an urban setting. I plan on getting Muscovys but also wanted to get Anacona ducks. Are Anaconas as loud as chicken hens? Also, I know ducks are messier, but since their poop is so much more liquidity, is the smell as bad as the chicken poop? I am making sure I don't irritate my neighbors. Thanks!
All ducks are as smelly as the rest and yes they prob are as smelly or more then chickens.

And if you are getting female yes they will be loud all girl duckies are loud. My ancona female is.
I'd say the best trick would be to get ancona drake (boy) over muscovy hens. Drakes don't actually quack, its more of a raspy noise. The muscovy ens do make some noise, but not much. Have at least 4 hens per drake to keep the peace
Good luck.
BTW ducks do stink, just like chickens. As long as you keep the pen clean with good drainage (in case of rain or their swimming area) then the smell goes down.
I was thinking of being greedy and getting a flock of Anaconas and a flock of Muscovys.
I am not raising them as pets.
Ducks really don't smell it's their ponds that smell the most, in my experience. If your worried about the smell just keep their area clean and it will keep most of the smell down. If your raising them for meat get male ducks, their bigger and quieter. Good meat ducks are Muscovies, Pekins, Swedish ducks, Ancona's etc.......
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Well you know if you want them, then go for it! I personally loved my scovies and I think they make meat birds, broodies, mothers, pest exterminators (they'll eat ALL those nasty creepy crawlies
), and they make lovely pets. I have no experience with Anocana, but I here they are a good duel purpose breed.
Alicia G - I can't figure out your avatar? It looks like rubber duckies on the right. Thank youf or the advice.
They will be a bit noisy at dinner time. They do tend to smell, but good sanitation will take care of that. I compost the straw and poo and use it in my garden. They are a lot healthier if they are clean anyway. If you live in a dry climate, they will be a lot less smelly than if you live where it is really wet.
No barnyard animal, not even pigs, smell if their housing is kept clean.

Ducks (the females) are very loud. The drakes (the males) are a lot quieter, but they do make noise. The flock will emit a non-stop hum or murmur. They mutter constantly. Then the ducks will occasionally blast out an ear shattering string of quacks, for no reason that I can ascertain.

Muscovy, who aren't related, are quiet, so if noise is a factor, maybe that is your best option.

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