Are Andalusians early layers?


Jun 14, 2017
I may have gotten a black andalusian in my latest batch of chicks (they were all supposed to be black stars). Though it's still really too early to worry about it, I am doing as much research on the breed as possible. However, I can't seem to find any of the info I want!

I found that they lay about 150/yr, but I was wondering about what age they start laying? I have Red Stars - which obviously started laying early...I think the first egg was at 18wks!, as well GLW and JBGs who weren't very far behind (I'm sure everyone was laying by 24wks). I'm assuming the black stars will be around 20 weeks like the reds, but thought I should check in case they aren't all blacks.

Any other info about the breed would be highly appreciated, also. As I said, I am researching as much as possible, and there is minimal info about Andalusians floating around for some reason. Thanks!
Most start laying between 4-5 months of age. Andalusian are an over looked breed in general. I believe it's hard to breed the correct coloring, and most folks like flashier breeds. I find them to be nice eye candy that lay large white eggs.

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