Are any of these hens Roosters???


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Apr 16, 2012

I have a total of 5 chickens in my backyard. I bought 4 of them as chicks begining in April and the Silver Laced Wyndotte a month later. Lately in the morning I am hearing a short screaching type of noise and I am not sure which one it is coming from...I have been getting 4 eggs a day for about 2 months now and would have thought all would be laying by now. This is my first time to raise chickens so I am clueless. Can anyone tell me if any of these 3 are roosters by looking at a picture? My daughter claims the noise is coming from the SLW,which also seems to seperate itself from the group a lot, and she spends most of the time with them. The only agressive one is the red one in the first photo. Any help would be great! I live in a neighborhood so I can not have a roo!!

Can you take a better pic of that first bird? A close profile shot would work.

Where did you get the red birds? At first glance they look like sex links but that first one looks more like a second generation sex link, which means you can't sex by color. It doesn't look especially roo-ish, but if any of them are roos that's my bet. The wyandotte is absolutely a hen.
They're all girls. You're probably hearing either squabbles or they are seeing something in the morning that upsets them (cat prowling around the coop, a squirrel on the fence. etc).
Okay, Here are better pictures of the first chicken, the more aggressive one of the bunch. If the SLW is definately a hen, should it be laying by now if it was hatched in late April/early May? I get 4 eggs a day with 3 eggs every 4th day or so...I just would have thought they would all be laying by now. Are SLW known to be louder? I have always had a bit of concern about this chicken being a rooster since its personality was always so different than its melow friendly room mates... Maybe its just a fiesty hen.
Thanks for everyone's help, I am earning new things every day and I absolutely love these guys!

Oh, I almost forgot. I got the reds from Tractor Supply out of a group that was supposed to be Egg Laying Pullets...They had a list of possible breeds but they weren't split...I just assumed all the reds were sex-link...however, the one in the above picture has a weird pattern on her chest that the others don't.
The red and white ones look like Isa Browns to me, a blend of RIR and Rhode Island White. A kind of sex link. Do they have huge eggs, like Jumbo?

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