Are Barnavelder's "lone ranger's"?


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Hi. Recently my hubby brought home chickens.. we have 9 total. 5 Reds, 2 Barredrocks?, a Barnavelder, which since we got her I thought was a black sex link, and Roost. The day he brought them home he kept them in their coop, they all get along fine except for my lone ranger. As soon as she wakes she jumps the fence and hangs outside the fence, once it hits 7pm she jumps back in the fence and high tails it to the coop?

Is this normal?
Chickens associate by color
She feels left out
I have 8 barnies but they were raised together as chicks
Where are you located? Maybe you could get her a barnie friend? Have you tried giving them treats? My barnies love raisins
We're located in Northeast PA. She was fine until her 4th or 5th day, the kids spooked her she was perched on the gate && its almost like since she got that extra freedom, she cant get enough.
I thought about a friend.. but when I asked my hubby he said that wouldn't make a difference.

I let the kids feed them popcorn.. never thought of rasins.

I think I'm more worried she'll start laying in the woods.. Ive walked where she travels & there aren't any eggs. I'm not even sure if she's laying yet. I think we have maybe 2/8 laying currently?
Should I consider a nesting box for her outside the pen ir would that push her further away from the flock?
In my first flock I had 2 Easter Egger, 1 Silver laced wyandotte, 1 red star, 1 Black Australorp, and a Buff Orpington. I wouldn't say that chickens care much for the color of their flock mates, mine get along fine though my silver laced wyandotte and australorp tend to be farther away from the flock.
We have a Wellsummer that has as little as possible to do with the other seven hens in the flock. Actually....she isn't to crazy about people either but she does lay very beautiful eggs.
Like always, come daybreak, she jumped fence. I actually checked for eggs (instead of jst feeding watering and cackling w them) I think she's laying before dark or right before she goes out in the AM?
I was considering some sort of box next to the fence for during her time outside where she lays to nap, I'm gonna adventure again first thing in the AM to see if there's another egg.

Trial && error, I guess, is the best way to learn? Raising my children might have been a tadd easier! Lol

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