Are Black east Indian ducks harder to hatch?


9 Years
Jun 15, 2010
Halifax, Nova Scotia
I set 6 eggs 26 days ago everything has been perfect all 6 fertile and babies inside wiggling and kicking around until 2 days ago when I did a final candle before lockdown 5 have died in the shell I usually do a quick candle every 3 days just shining a torch on them to check for veins, and they were fine

So now I have one left
The others are definitely dead . I hatch a lot of eggs and never usually have this problem except with Seramas and Silkies ducks I'm usually spot on with. Its my first time with this breed however so I was wondering if they were any different to normal?
I haven't tried hatching any yet, as I just got my first pair a month ago, but I've heard they're difficult to hatch like seramas and call ducks.
Hopefully someone more enlightened on this topic will step in at some point!
I have found that I have better success when I hand turn them five times a day. When I started with an auto turner, I had many die. I also mist them starting at day 4 until lockdown. So sorry about your loss. It is really frustrating.

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