Are both these chicks RIR?

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    I bought both last week at TSC and they both came out of the RIR bin. Both are lighter than the first 4 RIR chicks I got but today I was looking at them and the head on the one on the left is getting lighter and the wing feathers look more black instead of the reddish brownish wing weathers on the other. Both had chipmunk stripes (2) down their back.The one on the left...those stripes are becoming clearer while the one on the right, the stripes are fading. The one on the right doesn't look much different from my original four at 1 week +. Is this my imagination? Is there that much variance in RIR chicks? It doesn't really matter...I just thought it was curious. :)
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    With hatchery sourced "RIR" chicks, yes, there can be considerable variance as the parent stock is not maintained with the breed standard being the foremost consideration. Additionally, many of the hatchery "RIR" are actually Production Red, etc.
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    Thank you! I figured with TSC anything could happen. :)

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