Are buff Orpington roosters a quieter crowinging breed?


Jul 22, 2019
Are buff Orpington rooster crowed this morning he is 14 weeks and it was pretty quiet and i probly wouldent have heard it if the windows in our house were closed. I assume soon it will get louder so I was wondering if buff Orpingtons are a breed that crows less or crows more or is a quieter breed. We live like 100 yards out of city limits and have houses every 50 to 100 yards apart on our street. Just curious if we cant hear in in our house with the windows closed or its muffled it probably wont be a problem. Outher wise he will be re homed.

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I have a young bantam that has been crowing lately and is a lot quieter than his father. Some people put on some type of de-crower on their roosters. You could try that if you really wanted to keep him. I had a Buff Orpington rooster a few years ago, but I didn't really compare the crowing even though I quite a few roosters at the time. I used to have rooster that could barely make any sound. I got him that way and whoever had him before me lived in a town so he might of had his crower removed is my guess. I have close neighbors and currently have at least two roosters and a hen crowing and have no complaints. I like the sound of a rooster crowing. Perhaps if you are so worried about it, you could go and ask your neighbors if it is ok with them.

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