Are Buff Wyandottes Good Layers??

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    I posted in the Behaviors & Egglaying forum but no replies. I will be going to pick some chicks up tomorrow so would like to know before I get there...

    The local feed store got some layer chicks in finally and they got some Buff Wyandotte chicks in too. This was the first time i have heard of them but I checked online (to make sure the guy wasn't confused) and saw that they're hard to find so i wasn't too suprised about never knowing about them before now. I also checked out some pics and think that they're just Adorable! All I could find about their laying skills are that "they're decent layers of brown eggs".... pretty generic answer to my question...

    So are they good layers for a family egg flock?
    They look to maybe have some Cochin in the background, so are they more prone to broodiness?

    Thanks to anyone with answers! [​IMG]
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    Just about any breed you get from a feedstore is a guaranteed good layer, otherwise the hatcheries who sold it wouldn't breed it. How would they make the money? [​IMG]

    Even Polish, an originally ornamental breed, lay very well if from a hatchery. It's all about quantity of eggs, which equals amount of money from the quantity of chicks sold. [​IMG]
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    i've read that they are fair layer and that they are dependable winter layers
  4. ^Good point.

    I like to check out the Henderson Chart just to get an idea...

    Henderson says Wyandottes lay 3 out of 5 (number wise) light brown eggs, above average on size... 2oz or more... and are supposed to be good winter layers.

    Also say they're duel purpose, very cold hardy, and while they aren't often broody they make excellent moms.

    Just remember that just like people no two birds are exactly alike... but still a reference I like very much.

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