Are chickens "breedist"?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by potato chip, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. potato chip

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    This might be a dopey question, but do chickens know/care that other chickens are the same breed as they are, or a different breed?

    I'm looking at getting another 2 chickens. Would it matter if they were different breeds, or will they only "chum up" with their own type? (I've only ever had all of the same type chicken, not a mixed flock)

  2. dheltzel

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    Nov 30, 2013
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    They will easily mix and match. When totally free-ranging on the farm, I sometimes seem similar looking birds hanging together more, but more often I see differently colored ones in the same "mini-flocks". Since they are free to associate with who they want, I have to assume they have little or no appearance preferences.
  3. potato chip

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    Thanks dheltzel, maybe I'll get one of those exotic types as well instead of 2 girls the same.
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  4. rebrascora

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    There s a saying "Birds of a feather flock together" and I certainly see it in my large mixed breed flock. Even in the mixed breed farmyard mutts, there are 5 "sisters" from the same broody hatch. The three that look like welsummers are usually together and the 2 blue marans crosses are always together off exploring on their own. My neighbour had 2 Light Sussex and 4 Black Croad .Langshan and the two breeds almost always roosted separately, even though they were brought up together.

    That said, I have many "odd" chickens that happily interact with other members of the flock but don't have any particular "friend"

    Getting two new additions together, even if they are not both the same breed/colour may cause them to pal up purely because they are both "new girls" and they may always remain a pair. Introducing any new birds needs to be done carefully though as the existing flock will almost certainly attack new birds, so using an introduction cage where the birds can see each other but not fight, is advisable. Also, quarantining new birds in an area away from and down wind of your existing flock for a few weeks is to be recommended.

    Best wishes

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    Aug 29, 2012
    I have a mixed flock. My 3 Favorelles stick together, my single silkie has always been a bit of a loner even though she hatched with two frizzles who hung out together (till one died) and now I have three australorps. One hatched last year and two this year. Will be interesting if the younger two end up hanging out with the older one.

    So yeah I definatly see mine in breed mini groups. That said they all get on as a collective group fine because all the four breeds have the same temperament. I think that's very important if you want them to get on, so if adding another breed go for one similar in temperament to what you have.
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  6. potato chip

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    Thanks, Barbara, I've already had good advice on how to introduce them, I'm moving on to the dreaming about "what shall I GET?!!!" stage [​IMG] I was thinking I'd get australorps, I had them before and I love them, then I thought maybe I could get one australorp and one "something else".

    Thanks Appps, I wonder whether like breeds "chum up" the same when they are in a smaller group...

    Temperament.... another thing to stress over. I've been reading up the breed description, but I'd find it hard to pick by temperament. On here, everybody says their chickens are really nice.
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  7. shortgrass

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    Mar 14, 2015
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    Lol yes, they are most definitely "breedist" if you have enough of each different breed... I hadn't been able to come up with a goodcterm for that, as "racist" and "sexist" don't quite cover it :D

    I have 6 BRs, 5 of which are ALWAYS together, even next to each other on the roost; 8 SSH, they are always together, and the roo in that bunch prefers his ladies of the same breed before anyone else; 4 EE, they tend to wander by themselves but roost together; 4 Wyandotte that are a mini flock of meanies lol; 3 silkies can be found in a pack, but the roo prefers the Wyandottes lol; 4 BAs that stay together and tend to follow ME rather than other chickens; 5 Ancona who take the 2 Buttercups as part of the crew, they all are too good for the coop and sleep in the trees :p

    Then I have a banty Cochin, a standard Cochin, a Red Star, and a lone cockerel chick from the banty that are loners, really they don't follow anyone but themselves, and a Blue Andalusian roo to watch over them all ;)

    They will form gangs within broods, as well. So chicks hatched or shipped together, raised together, will always have a better bond than ones integrated in. I like to keep them going in by at least pairs, that way they don't get isolated and picked on.

    They roost in 4 different houses/areas, forage in different directions, and have obvious pecking order arrangements as far as roosts, but come feeding time, they all eat together just fine ;)

    PS, out of all those breeds, if you want docile good layers, the Australorps, Red Star, and EEs have great personalities, the BRs, not so much on the nice personality lol, but great layers.... For broodies and lap chickens lol, go with silkies or Cochins ;)
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  8. potato chip

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    So, I should cross Wyandottes off my list of possibles? lol (but they're so pretty)
  9. shortgrass

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    Mar 14, 2015
    Northern Colorado
    Lol don't count them out completely; my BRs are way bossier than the Wyandottes... My Wyandottes have issues lol; they are not docile at all and one went broody on me and has hated me even more ever since I let her hatch a chick... They're the only hens in my entire flock that run from me lol; my opinion is biased :D
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  10. potato chip

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    Are BRs Barred Rocks and are they the same as Plymouth Rocks? I was looking at those, they are pretty.

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