Are Chinese Lantern plants bad for chickens?


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Sep 11, 2010
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I'm looking through my seeds to plant and find that Chinese Lanterns are poisonous to humans. The leaves and unripe pods. I didn't know if they were bad for chickens too? My little girls are eating any greens they can get a hold of so I want to make sure.

I think they are in the nightshade family, and although some of this family is edible (tomatoes and peppers) most are not, so ...probably not a good idea to have around chickens
Late reply to this old post: I planted chinese lanterns last year (2016) not realizing that they might be poisonous. My chickens repeatedly decimated them my eating the seeds, pods and all, the moment they appeared with no apparent ill effects. I'm not saying I'd recommend planting this one around the birds but I also wouldn't panic if they got into it.

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