Are cinnamon Queens sex linked?


Nov 3, 2016
Slanesville, West Virginia
I got two Cinnamon Queens about two weeks ago and I see a big difference already. One has longer wing feathers and no comb growth and the other has shorter wing feathers and comb growth.
Is my assumption correct and that is I have a young Cockerel and a young Pullet?
pictures were hard holding back four other baby birds.
I thought they liked odd as well, but photos from the hatchery sight show chipmunk marked chicks with gender differentiated base color in the down. Pattern must be from parent stock in the specific' recipe' for these RSL (going back to proprietary lines used for each producers sex links).
I'd like to see how they feather out in the next few weeks
Cinnamon queens are known as red sexlinks, red stars, golden comets, hybrids, golden sexlinks and more.. sex links are known by those names, including cinnamon queen. Each is a proprietary name used by producers for the specific lines used for that specific version of the red sex link. Because they're are many combinations that can be used for the sex link result (gold over silver) the resulting chicks will have the basic color differentiation by gender but may have variance in pattern beyind that depending on the parent breeds used. While often used interchangeably, the proprietary names actually aren't interchangeable due to the specifucity of the lines used to produce each at the commercial level. Red sex link is the universally applicable term for all of them

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