Are cracked eggs edible?


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Nov 25, 2012
Columbia, South Carolina

So my EE laid her first egg today!

She scratched all the pine shaving out of the nesting box, which I think resulted in this slight cracking on the top of the egg. I've since changed the bedding to a mixture of pine straw and shavings. Hopefully that will help.

My question though, does all cracking of an egg make it inedible?


I agree with the inner liner. If the membrane isn't torn as well, then we eat those. I just separate them in the fridge so they get eaten faster, since they are cracked. Of course, this is only if your egg didn't sit outside for days like that, if it did, then it is dog or chicken food in our house. :)
I usually just scramble these immediately upon bringing them. Doesn't matter to me if the dog, the chickens or ourselves consume them, they're cooked.
I usually just put cracked eggs into a separate bowl in the fridge to be eaten/used first, but we still eat them!

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