Are D'anver roosters normally so quiet?


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7 Years
Jul 9, 2012
I purchased a blue quail D'anver rooster at an auction. He's still a young bird, although he's mature.
Thing is, aside from complaints if I pick him up, he's pretty much silent. Not heard him crow a single time. Is this normal for D'anvers or is he just a quiet bird?
I have several d'anvers, hens and roosters. Each one is different! Top rooster makes lots of noise but he gets the girls! As the pecking order descends, each roo seems to crow less but each one makes other sounds! I can't say that d'anvers are noisy chickens compared to other breeds - for instance my Silkies make a lot more chatter! But my birds all make little noises. Is he around other chickens? Or do you keep him separate right now? Maybe he just needs to integrate into the rest of the flock. Or, if he only makes noise when you move him, maybe he's been hurt. Auction birds can be full of surprises! Give him a good going-over. Check feet and wings good and feel his breastbone. What does your common sense tell you? Is he active? Eating good? d'anver roos are notoriously aggressive but being new, he may just need time. I love the little sounds mine make. It makes me think of happy chickens ... sort of like the commercial for happy cows!

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