Are dimensional lumber wood chips safe to use for chickens?


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Jun 15, 2011
Portland, OR
I know that burning dimensional lumber is not a good thing for stoves or chimneys due to the possibility of chemicals being absorbed during the timbering to milling process - anything from sea salt to blade lubricant to fungicide or dry kilning.

However, are wood chips from dimensional and milled wood safe to use for chicken runs or coops (not chick brooders)? Occasionally, the cchickens pick at or even eat some of the shavings, so if I used chips from a woodworker's shop, would this be dangerous?

Come to think of it, I wonder what the source of the pine shavings we all use is? If these come from milled wood, then I guess it's the same thing?

It's all the same. I got to tour a sawmill and watched them bag wood chips for pet bedding. Cool process!

Re: Dangerous chemicals, you may be thinking of pressure treated. That lumber has nasty stuff.
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That's good to know, I think...

I might have a source for ongoing free sawdust/wood chips from a woodworking shop in my area and wanted to be sure it was safe for the chickens.
I'd make sure it's pine for the most part. I know there are some woods toxic to different animals..such as black walnut shavings cannot be used around horses.

Any strong scented woods with oils should be avoided too. Other than that, lucky you! Free is always great!
Thanks, Angelzfyre, I'll check when I go over there to see what kinds of wood he works with.

I'm hoping it works out. He's looking for a way to get rid of his 'trash' and to me it's a 'treasure'!

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