Are ducks ever NOT hungry?

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    Jul 23, 2019
    My ducks eat a lot! I have 43. I tried using those large metal feeders but I found that the feed wasn’t coming mater what level I put the metal hinges at. So, then, I’d come out to starving ducks and half full feeders. So now I feed them twice a day with snacks...not over 10%, and most of what I give involves veggies. We made them feeders built into the wall of the barn, and then I use two pans on the floor for the smaller ones. They get 18% protein. What I’m doing right now is I have crumbles in one bin and layers mixed with a small amount of cracked corn in another. I’ll do one scoop of each Into my bucket. I give them two 5 gallon buckets a day...give or take.

    But, they are still hungry. Is this not enough?

    I have 19 chickens who have a big plastic feeder and a small feeder and I only fill that like ever three days. Same food.

    I’m getting off the layer now due to winter but I buy my feed like ten 50 lb bags at time of each, so, I’m using this up. I will still stick to the crumbles at 19% protein.

    The feed is very similar to the ingredients of the Purina brands, just made locally.
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    What breeds? 18% protein is pretty high for Ducks and corn isn't great either. Fatty liver syndrome can happen to fat birds.
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    Jul 23, 2019
    I have about 14 breeds...small and a couple big, and a goose. I have read all over that you can add a little cracked corn in the winter to fill their belly overnight and help with a layer of Fay during the cold. I’ve also been told 16% is too low protein...
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    Definitely not a program I follow. :thumbsup
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    I get all flock feed from tractor supply for my ducks, it has 20% protien in it. I do not feed corn only because I have heard bad things about getting stuck in there crop, they could choke. I give corn as a snack only. I also have various breeds and have 13 ducks. I feed them twice a day morning and night. I also take the food and water away overnights.
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    Jul 23, 2019
    You take the water away at night? I have large under-the-bed tubs that my hubby made these partial wood covers for the middle. They slide on and off. This way they can dunk their heads to clean themselves without making a huge mess.

    I’ve looked into All Flock, and bought some for a few weeks. They didn’t seem to eat less and I was spending a lot more money with 43 ducks. I never want to downsize, but they are expensive. My husband thinks they are greedy and prefers chickens because of this reason:(

    I reminded him that our dogs never turn down a treat. :)
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    Why have 43 Ducks? Selling as meat or eggs?
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    Maybe it’s not that they eat a lot, but that you have SO many! :eek:
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    Some people love a challenge I guess.
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    Here is some info from "Stories Guide to raising ducks" The author dave holderread is the authority on duck breeding in North America.

    He says 16% or 18% layer feed in the summer and 12-14% maintenance feed when not laying. Also said you can mix in grains to dilute the protein% . Here is a handy feed calculator to help you figure that out.

    Also large (8-9lbs) ducks should be getting. 3 to .45 lbs when not producing and .45-.6 when producing.

    Small ducks (4-5 lbs) .2-.3 lbs maintenance and .3-.4 laying

    In the book dave recounts a story when a customer said that his ducks were eating 2 lbs of food a day. Turns out it's not possible for ducks to eat that much, rats were responsible.
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