are gold laced wyandottes aggressive


6 Years
Aug 20, 2013
I have three of these pullets and one challenges me a do I put her in her place
She's got a mean streak...her name is pepper
I think any breed can have an aggressive bird. BUT I do read a lot of people complaining that their GLW is picking on new members of the flock. The GLW and the RIR seem to be notorious for it. READ READ READ on here, you will see
I didn't think Wyandottes were notoriously aggressive? I read otherwise everywhere, and my Columbians are sweet as pie :) Even my roos are.
Raise them to be nice and if they are not then deal with it accordingly. Life is short and ask yourself if it worth it. If it is then no worries, if not cull or rehome. Just my opinion, I speak my mind, no offense intended
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