Are heritage breeds ready to go out on a similiar schedule as meaties.

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by DanIndiana, Jun 10, 2011.

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    This may be the wrong forum, but I trust my hardcore, meatie experts. A batch of 20 mixed breed DP chicks just arrived, and within an hour I'm already amazed at the activity that they have. I assume when they start to get well-feathered, that they are good to go, hot or cold weather, right? I swear that they seem more self-sufficient than cornish x already. Am I wrong? Outrageously fun stuff-kids are in heaven!
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    chickens are fun & addictive!
    when they go out depends on your weather and housing for them. I put all my birds out at 2 weeks regardless of the weather, but when it's colder obviously I have to make adjustments. Use common sense & you will do great! [​IMG]
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    Cornish cross aren't bred for self-sufficiency, or anything else that matter except the largest amount of meat in the shortest time possible. Dual purpose are preferable in just about every other regard, including flavor...

    I agree, use common sense, depending on the weather. Remember too, that even though they are fully feathered, in theory a mother hen would still protect them and keep them warm and dry for at least a couple of months... Good luck and have fun!

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