Are Japanese Bantams friendly?


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Mar 27, 2010
woodburn, Oregon
Hi guys! I finally got my coop built but haven't decided which breed to get yet. I love the look of Japanese bantams(especially grey) but have heard that they can be kinda "flighty. I want a breed that will crawl up into my lap or follow me around, any chance of getting the Japanese Bantams to do that or shoud I go with a different breed? Thanx a bunch,

I haven't had a ton of Japanese bantams, but the ones I've had I've had for a long time, and they've been pretty flighty. I still have babies (crossbreeds) from Japanese bantams I had around eleven years ago and they're pretty flighty, too.

In my opinion, old english game bantams and seramas are some of the friendliest bantam breeds. I've had OEGB for a lot of years, and my OEGBs are always very friendly, inquisitive, and they come right up to me. They don't mind being handled and they love coming and pecking at my shoes, sitting in my lap, and checking things out. Even the roosters will fly up and sit on my shoulder! And seramas have a lovely personality--very easy to handle and approachable. d'Uccles, cochins, silkies, and a number of others are also very friendly breeds.

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