are japanese hens broody?

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  1. The title really speaks for itself here, but i just got a new japanese hen. I cant tell if shes too old for any more eggs or if she is too young. But what i am wondering is if she will go broody. Im also wondering if she is too old, will she still brood even though she herself cannot produce eggs anymore?
  2. Anybody?
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    EXTREmely broody and make great very protective mothers!
    My friend raises them and he even has one hen that has chicks but decided to go broody again - so at night she is sitting on her eggs and the chicks are sitting on top of her! Thats broody!
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    Mine would sit on eggs all the time if I let them. The last clutch all three of my hens would pile up in the nest box. And mean? Even the rooster would attack me if I tried to look at the eggs! Otherwise they are really sweet, just don't mess with them when they are on eggs!
  6. Thanks! At least now i know that they arent bitter by nature, they probably just had auction anxiety. And once they come out of quarentine i have a batch of eggs all ready for the female [​IMG] (those auctions have to be the dirtiest places ever. Those poor chickens were RIDDLED with mites.)

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