Are Jersey Giants Bullies

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    Sep 19, 2015
    I have an old barred rock, a black sex link, a New Hampshire red, and a rhode island red who is half the size she is supposed to be because she has scoliosis. I want two new chicks this spring and I am definitely getting a gold sex link but I also want a Jersey Giant. My only problem is their size. My birds are for pets and I do not want them getting picked on by a giant hen. I want to know if the jersey giant hen will pick on my other hens.
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    Hatchery stock Jersey Giants are no larger than any other hatchery breed. They will weigh four to six pounds. They are only "giant" when purchased from a breeder who produces exhibition birds, and you will not find many of these nor are they likely to sell birds as pets. Most readily available stock has been drastically bred down in size to produce better layers. I have not had Jerseys in a good five or six years, but when I had them they were good tempered and submissive to the Dominiques I raised alongside them.

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