Are Jersey Giants too big to mate with standard-sized chickens?

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  1. FowlWeatherFriend

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    Apr 19, 2009
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    We are just getting our first coop ready and will soon be ordering our first chickens. We want about 10-12 hens. We want to include a rooster just because we feel having a flock of chickens would be incomplete without hearing a rooster crowing in the morning! We heard that a Jersey Giant Rooster has a unique-sounding crow and thought that it might be a good choice. However, a former chicken farm owner told my husband that the size of a Jersey Giant would "break down" a smaller hen when mating. Here are some of the breeds in which we are interested for our hens: Buff Orps, Barred Rock, RIR or New Hampshire Reds, Delaware, Dorking, Sussex, and Easter Eggers. We aren't looking for a rooster in order to have fertile eggs, but just to have a rooster with our hens.

    Is the size of a Jersey Giant okay to mate with these hens or would you recommend a smaller rooster? Our first priority in choosing chicken/rooster breeds is that they are calm, docile, friendly chickens for our children to enjoy. Are there any particular rooster breeds that you all have found to be gentle?

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    Apr 2, 2009
    I do not believe it would "break down" your hens. I base this on the size of the eggs coming out and the fact that the giants are only 2 lbs heavier.
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    According to the Standards Giants weigh less than Orpingtons.
  4. I don't think you should have a problem at all breeding a Jersey Giant Roo to different breed hens , i know others do it for meat birds and they have had no issues.

    I would say give it a try [​IMG]
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    Never heard of a rooster being too big for a hen. Unless he thinks you have little tiny suramas. lol
  6. Jersey giants are very docile and most treat their hens without a rapist agenda.

    They do like their own species, but of course being a roo, will try for just about any hen.

    The larger breeds that you mention should be good with a Jersey roo.

    I have two NJG roos and both are gentle and good to their respective hens.

    Here is a list of roos I would stay away from:

    RIR roos, every one I have had is a rapist. I have rehomed all that I have had.

    Polish roos, they are very aggressive when full grown, I have three, but they are sooo
    cool looking i keep them anyway.

    The bantam roos can be horrid, but not all are this way. I have several of these and I
    would say about half of them have had to be rehomed.
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    Quote:[​IMG] Thanks for making my day start with a laugh.
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    Yes, I agree with everyone!
    As for a breed that go well with Children I would have to say Brahmas!!!

    Although my Jersey Giant was clam I still had to put him away before children could run around!
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    have you ever seen a jap bantam try mating a jersey giant hen? i still laugh at that [​IMG]. persistent booger, lol, watching him try so hard lol while the big old hen lol gets impatient. [​IMG] and the little roo lol is hanging on [​IMG]

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