Are Light Sussex chicks slower to mature? *PICS ADDED*


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May 16, 2011
Brisbane, Australia
I have four chicks, all 2 weeks old. The Light Sussex had a cocci infection that is now resolved, but she just doesn't seem to be growing like the others.

The Welsummer chick has wings that go all the way to her rump, she has a few tail feathers, and some feathering coming out on her shoulders and the sides of her rump as well. She also has a nice little comb.

The Barnevelder chick has slightly shorter wings, a few tail feathers, and feathering starting to come out on the shoulders. She has the tiniest of combs starting to show.

The Ancona chick has wings that go all teh way to her rump, a few feathers coming out on her shoulders and a small tail feather starting to show. Her comb is smaller than teh Welsummer, but bigger than the Barnevelder.

BUT.... the Light Sussex chick looks the same as she did when I got her, only a bit bigger. She is covered in down, her wings are tiny stubby things that don't even come halfway to her rump, all the rest of her is still fluffy down - not a hint of tail feathers or anything else. She is also a lot smaller than the rest and no comb at all.

They all looked much the same when I got them... 2 or 3 days old, all quite downy with small wing feathers and no combs.

Is it possible the cocci has knocked the Light Sussex back and stunted her growth or is this breed generally slower maturing than the others?
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I hatched out some light sussex from a couple of different breeders this past spring along with several other breeds, and the light sussex grew faster than any of them. At around 4 months they were huge compared to the others. I even had blacks orpingtons that were a month older, and it didn't take long for the light sussex to catch them.
Here she is the day we got her (at around 2 days old):

And this is her now, almost 2 weeks later, with the other girls:
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If she had cocci and was lethargic then she probably wasn't eating nearly enough. Now that she's well she'll likely bounce back growing like a champ as long as the others allow her to the food dish.

This past spring we ended up with a real runty Orpington. She simply was a true runt and never caught up in size to the others until around 8 months it might not have been noticeable to a visitor. Ours was never sick, I'm betting yours will gain it back quick.
yeah, that's not right. i have light sussex chicks that are now 10 days old and have a lot more feathers than yours. in fact i was surprised to see them feather so quikly. and mine have some black on their wings and shoulders.

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