Are Marans SHOWABLE?

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I am very curious about seeing if Marans are showable. I did a little research here on BYC and googled some stuff, and I'm still confused! I have been told that Marans are NOT showable, but the internet says they are!

I just skimmed over the Marans Thread and saw that a BYC member showed his BCM and won. I'm now looking at the Marans of America Club, where they state that Marans are shown in the Continental Class at poultry shows. (

BUT I can not find Marans listed under Breed Classifications on APA's website! Maybe because it hasn't been updated for a while?

If Marans can be shown, I am getting a young cockerel Friday that I can probably show soon, and we have a BCM here, but not sure if shes 100% BCM.

Can someone please help me?
Marans are showable under the AOSB (All other standard breeds) category. They aren't recognized by the APA yet so they can only win as high as best of breed.

Congratulations on getting your new cockeral. I think you should get more!

A good forum to learn about the breed is
But if you want to show in APA shows -- which is what we have in this country -- then you'll want to know about the standard in THIS country.

You can find the proposed APA standards for the different Marans varieties here:

The French and proposed APA standards are actually not very different. But if you do show, remember that you'll be showing under American rules -- not French ones!
LOL I guess that means I need to do some research!

Another Question: I was looking at the Marans Chicken Club USA's website ( Under Color varieties, I don't see "Splash" listed anywhere. Are the Splash variety recognized in APA shows? Just trying to get some info before I go ahead and put the Splash cockerel on the entry form...

The cockerel is from Bev Davis lines. I had no clue who she was until I looked it up.
No Marans arer accepted in the APA Standard at this point. Any colour could be shown but the highest it could place would be best of breed. It would not be considered for class champion or above.
That's fine, just wanted to see if it was possible to show Marans. Didn't want to put some in a show and get DQed because I didn't do my research

Oh one more question- We have a BCM Pullet here. She is very pretty, has feathering on her legs. But she does have yellow on the pads of her feet. Is this acceptable if I decide to show her as well? Or is the yellow a DQ?

I believe it is still true that Splash is not recognized for any APA breed. The main use of splash birds is to make blue offspring with them.
However, I *think* some breed clubs are trying to get splash varieties accepted in other breeds, so you never know what might happen in the future!

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