Are meaties prone to pasty butt?

Glad to hear your chicks arrived! I wouldn't worry. It is usually form shipping stress. They get very stressed from being shipped! Just try to keep everything clear and keep them warm. I've heard adding oatmeal to there feed might help too.
Lots of luck!
They are no more prone to it than any other type chick, as far as I know. Personally, I have had very few of mine with this problem. I always forget if PB is caused by the brooder being too hot or too cool. Maybe someone else knows which it is.
Im going to have to say too hot. I have had cool brooders before and have never had an issue with pasty butt. When my brooder boxes run a little on the hot side is when I see alot of pasty butt:-(
press on it:) They just started doing it--I guess they are thinking about doing "badges" too? They are still talking and working on them??
Thanks everybody. I noticed they were acting hot on Tuesday so I turned off one of the lights (they are 9 days old now). I had no idea that there was a correlation between high brooder temp and pasty butt. Thanks again.

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