Are Muscovy ducks harder to hatch than other breeds?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by kelseygirl707, May 6, 2009.

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    Mar 3, 2009
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    I am so Sad, I recieved 3 Duck eggs in a Barnyard Mix I Bought, and I was so excited to hatch them, It would be my first time hatching Ducklings, but Sadly only 1 developed and I believe it just Quit on me (Day 25). I had a hard time getting movement from it yesterday, and today when I candled it wouldn't move at all. [​IMG] I was told that Muscovys are harder to hatch in Hovabator type incubators, is that true? When I can Finaly afford to buy hatching eggs again, maybe in July, I was thinking of getting some Runner Duck eggs, are those easier to hatch? I was so excited that at least 1 was developing, And Hubby was actually excited too, he thinks Ducklings are more fun than Chicks. What is a good duck breed to hatch for a beginner to the Duck world?
  2. kelseygirl707

    kelseygirl707 Dances with Chickens

    Mar 3, 2009
    Lakeport, Ca.
    Anyone? [​IMG]
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    Yes Muscovy eggs are harder to hatch than other ducks. Which is strange because I swear a Muscovy hen can sit on 20 eggs and hatch 21 ducklings! They need it very humid thru the whole incubation period. I have often watched Muscovy hens come off the nest get a drink and food, go to the pool and get wet before going back to the nest. If you put your hand under them you can feel the moisture in the nest.

    Runner ducks are easier hatch but I think I like the Muscovies better. Just a thought, if you are going to wait until July you might not have a good hatch if you order eggs. Most eggs don't ship well at all in hot weather.

    Steve in NC
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    Quote:You've got this one right!

    It must be a reason hardly any hatchery sells Muscovey Ducks.

    They can't hatch them.

    I was able to hatch once Muscovey mules in my bator (Muscovey Drake over a Peking hen).

    I never attempted to hatch pure Muscovies though.

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