Are my babies too young...?

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  1. Due to a serious attack issue of BO on an injured Wyandotte, I had to take my three 14 week old girls (2 Welsummers and an EE) and put them in with my older girls (1+yrs old) while the culprit was placed in Chicken Jail aka mini-coop that had formerly housed the babies within the coop. Now the youngsters have access to the Layena. Are they old enough to transition to Layena...I've always waited for that first egg before making the move before.
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    I can't give you a definite answer. They are about to get in that transition zone where it is OK but they may still be a bit young. As you probably know since you are asking, the extra calcium in the layer can cause bone development problems and possible kidney damage in younger chicks. I think I would just feed them all grower with oyster shell on the side to be safe. They might be OK but then again they might not.
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    I think they will be fine [​IMG]

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