Are My Chickens Actually Flying?!


Mar 12, 2020
Northern Maine
I think that my mixes can actually fly! Not just gracefully glide. One jumped and started to glide down but he aimed upwards and actually went higher, like two extra feet! They have been jumping ever since they hatched and they are very muscly, they hang out in the trees the entire day, jumping, they are a bit feral. Could they actually start flying soon when they build up their muscles more? :eek:

One bantam, Oddball, just yesterday flew to the top of the garage, about two stories high or more, from the bottom of a slanted slop so add about a foot also no boosted hight.

Though I must admit that it was pretty traumatic to get him down, he got frostbite in the end... but... anyway, he still managed to get that high, which is pretty impressive. :oops:

Closeups on one of the roos. (from a few months ago)
How do I clip their wings and why? I heard that clipping them just causes them to get hurt and not be able to properly evade predators because of the misbalance. :confused:
Your chickens may be In a different situation than mine, but I clip my chickens wings because if I don’t they will fly out of the pen and stay out all night and get eaten. Clipping my birds wings helps me keep them safe. If you have a covered run this is not necessary. Do you let your chickens free range?

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