Are my chickens going to be okay?

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    Apr 30, 2011
    My kids threw in some leftover avocado tonight. They ate some of the peels. I didn't realize they had thrown it in until later, and they have pecked at them and eaten some of the peels. Is this going to hurt my chickens? I had no idea that avocado was on the "no" list until I looked it up tonight and now I'm afraid my poor chickens are going to get sick or die because I didn't get the peels out until after they had pecked at them a good while.

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    Oh, gosh. I don't know the answer but curious to see what others say so I'm giving you a bump.

    Anyone? [​IMG]
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    I don't have chicken experience yet, but avocado can be fatal for birds. It can contain a toxin that is harmful to many animals, but birds in particular can be very susceptible. The body generally reacts as if in severe allergic reaction... sometimes birds will have no reaction, and other times they will go into a reaction nearly immediately. I have a friend who sadly lost their cockatiel to a single nibble of guacamole!!
    The skin and pit generally contain the highest concentrations of the toxins, though.

    "Avocado leaves, fruit, seeds and bark all contain the toxic principle known as persin,” says Dana Farbman, CVT, Senior Manager of Professional Communications at APCC. Guatemalan varieties—sold in grocery stores nationwide—are most often involved in pet exposures, Farbman adds, while other strains have varying degrees of toxic potential. Birds—who accounted for 5 percent of avocado cases in 2008—appear to be particularly sensitive to the fatty fruit; consumption can result in respiratory distress, congestion, fluid accumulation around the heart and even death.


    a close eye on your birds; they may have no reaction at all or it could cause a serious reaction. You should know within two days. Sadly, I think the only thing you can do if they show signs is to have them seen by a veterinarian.​
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    I wouldn't worry about it much. I pay no mind to the "toxix food list" that floats around here. Chickens have been eating scraps for many many years and have no problems with it. I feed my girls potato peelings all the time and they just peck them clean. We don't normally buy avacados but I am sure the peelings would get thrown in the scrap bucket that gets dumped every morning for the chickens.
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    from everything I have read it is the fruit itself that causes most of the harm. I have a parrot, have had parrots for many years, and avocado doesn't seem to digest past the crop. Which case it sets in the crop and rots causing various health problems resulting in death. If they pecked mostly at peel, I would be more positive about the out come. If the peel is toxic I would think you would see problems within 24 hours. You may want to read up about "sour crop" and how to deal with that, so you can maybe do some preventative if the ate any of the fruit and get their crops cleaned out.

    Good luck and keep searching for info. Maybe research what is done for parrots that ingest avocado and try that on your chickies.

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