Are my chickens keepig me from a roommate?


10 Years
Jun 22, 2009
I've had a vacant room in my 3 bed/2 bath home for 4 months now. I don't know why I can't rent this room. I have 1 foster dog (heeler mix), 1 fetch-crazed heeler, 1 hyper, sweet pitbull (roommate's) and 3 chickens in the backyard, secure in an 8x3x3 run. The house is clean, my roommate and I are laid back and calm and rent is reasonable (good mid range) for this part of town. What could keep them from moving in?

Rent - $450 + utilities
Deposit - $450
Pet Deposit - $250

All is refundable. House has pool & garage. Pretty good neighborhood. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Is it the chickens? The pit bull? Both?
Probably all the animals. Other people's animals are often like other people's kids.
Well, obviously my dog and my roommate's dog aren't leaving...looks like I'll need to relocate my chickens
lol - the house is quite big, 3 dogs really isn't a problem here. Neither is 4. The chickens are ALWAYS outside haha - I don't want to be the crazy chicken lady with my girls inside!
I'm speaking as a person who works in a large office with three very large, hairy loud dogs (belonging to the boss). The office is large, but the dogs are ALWAYS underfoot and wanting petting and attention. They smell even though they are clean.

So I wouldn't want to rent a room in a house that had dogs like that - not sayin' yours are...

Maybe you'll get lucky and a real dog lover will see your ad in the paper.
I would guess it's the dogs also and not the chickens. I mean it's only three and they have their own area of the yard. I'm not a dog person for exactly the reasons stated by Buff Hooligans. Even if they don't have that doggie smell, it bothers me to no end to have dogs wanting attention all the time. It's even worse when they look at me while I make food or eat.

On the other hand, there are a lot of dog people...
I don't think it is the chickens. I don't think it's the dogs either, honestly! Around here people can't rent out their houses for months on end. The economy is bad, and rentals show that.
I'm going to have to have a proud moment for my dogs....

My dogs do not constantly demand attention nor do they smell. The house is cleaned weekly/bi-weekly depending on shedding season. Neither of the resident dogs shed much at all. Both are crate trained and respond to commands. Everyone's response to my heeler is 'he's so well trained!'

rainplace - I know, right!! The chickens have a small spot of the yard, and they are going in next to the garden. My backyard is a little messy as it is a constant work in progress...hmmm....

Debiraymond - I'm hoping YOU are right ;-) I'm not ready to stop fostering or stop owning chickens...maybe lowering the rent would help...
For me, it would be the dogs, not the chickens.

I used to love all animals even other people's pets, but after moving next to neighbors with 8+ poorly trained and often agressive dogs and friends that bring dogs to my house that pee and poop on my carpets
... I don't like other people's pets anymore.

Chickens are quiet and stay outside-they're the easiest of them all!

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