Are my chicks eating too much?


9 Years
Aug 30, 2010
Western Mass
I am filling the quart container once a day for 12 2 week old chicks. They are on the Blue Seal Med chick starter mash. It has been the last few days that they are eating this much. Is it because they are growing so fast? Their feathers are also coming in quickly. Should I be offering them anything else (besides grit and treats a few times a week)?Thanks
Just be sure there is feed available all the time. Yes, they eat a lot because they are growing so fast.
There is still food in the bottom of the feeder when I refill the container, but I was just wondering if they should be going through so much in one day. I thought I bought chicks not
All that poop has to come from somewhere....

Yes, they should be eating that much. They need it for their rapid growth. Feathering out requires a lot of protein and nutrients.
well they have doubled or tripled in size in just a few weeks, so they need to eat that much. Think of a Baby, they eat a lot because they are growing aat a very high rate.

Don't worry, your chooks are normal.

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