Are my chicks growing properly?


Free Ranging
Jul 6, 2020
Hi so I have two 13 weeks old RIR pullets and they seem fairly small to me I've only raised meat chickens so I'm used to big chickens could anyone tell me if they are the correct size
When they were between 4 and 8 weeks old I did have to limit their food because at the time I had a meat hen there who would bully them so that they wouldn't eat the food and she would be eating their food constantly so I would go out there three times a day with food for them so that could eat but that could be why they are still small but after that, I did leave the food out there the whole day and they still and will always have food available the whole day

Their names are Ratatouille and Ratty Patty

This is Ratatouille

This is Ratty Patty

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