Are my chicks ready to move out to the coop??


6 Years
Jul 21, 2013
Eagle River, Alaska
My chicks and ducks are out-growing thier brooder box so I was thinking of getting them moved out to the coop a little early. They have been without a heat lamp for about a week and a half and are completely feathered out (the chicks are, the ducks are about halfway there) The chicks are 4 1/2 weeks old and the ducks are 5 1/2 weeks old.

The plan is to block off the door out to the run and just keep them in the coop for now. I put 2 heat lamps in there to test how warm it got and directly under the lamps it was 65F and 55-60 away from the lamps. It is about 68F in their brooder box now.

It is getting down to about 50F at night and I figured it would be better to get them outside sooner rather then later before it got really cold out (I live in Alaska)

Will they be ok getting moved out there already? Should I get one more heat lamp going just in case? I was planning on doing this Saturday so I can check on them all day to see how they are doing.
They will be fine all feathered out and if they get cold they will use the heat lamp. It's an exciting time to kick them out of the house.
Mine went outside at about that age with night time lows about 50 degrees and they did fine with no additional heat. There was a small 60w bulb in the coop at night but it was more to get them to go in at night than for heat. They should be fine in a secure run at that age. Just make sure they go in the coop at night.
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